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Why Become a Member of the CLMWC

We invite you to join us in the Global Wellness Revolution. Our Center for Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Care is leading the charge.

We are a community of people from all over the globe seeking wellness for ourselves, wellness practices for our patients or clients, wellness knowledge and wisdom, as well as opportunities to grow and develop further.

By becoming a member, you will join our community and gain access to the excellent, evidence based resources and tools that our team has put together.

Much of the material can only be found on this website. There are many unique and powerful courses on lifestyle medicine, wellness, and coaching that only members can take. We also offer lifestyle medicine practice consultations, health and wellness coaching with our seasoned team of coaches, research consultations, community-oriented wellness programs, etc.

Once you enter our center, you will not want to leave our Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness Care Center. We are the scientists, physicians, coaches, practitioners, teachers, and servant leaders who engage in life-long learning; thereby, we will continually introduce and provide the cutting-edge evidence-based education materials, research updates, practice models, supportive resources, etc. to our members, whether professionals or patients or clients.

All members have access to our monthly newsletter and our weekly research update. The CLM & WC will keep you informed and energized.

Please join us and take advantage of everything the Center for Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness Care has to offer.