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What We Do

Promoting Healthy Lifestyle and Well-Life

As a team, we create and offer courses, develop and implement training programs, provide necessary services, that fill in the gaps currently hindering people, health care providers, and health care systems. Our center is designed to provide lifestyle medicine and wellness care, not just health care, keeping clients/patients away from the sick care model. We strive to enhance health, wellness, and quality of life by reaching out to communities in both the Western and Eastern hemispheres. We are dedicated to the mission of empowering people to adopt and sustain healthy lifestyles, live their lives to the fullest, and help others be well, through their optimal spirits, minds, bodies, and behaviors. This is the foundation of lifestyle medicine and wellness care.

We are providing the only holistic lifestyle medicine courses currently available anywhere. Our courses are evidence based including the latest research and well established theories.  Our team of lectures create and introduce high level courses that are cohesive, with each lecture building on the last. We have curriculum content experts committed to providing the data-driven, broad-based, cutting-edge, and learner/client-centered learning process. We emphasis translating declarative knowledge to procedural knowledge to meet the practical needs of providers, leaders, patients, and clients.

Our goal is that at the end of every course offered by our center, the participants will appreciate how each lecture works synergistically with the all the lectures to enhance the learning and understanding of the principles and practices of lifestyle medicine, coaching, and wellness in a holistic view. These courses are intended for health care providers, companies, communities, and individuals.  For example, medical professionals will enhance their knowledge, gain skills and tools, and adopt healthy attitudes about lifestyle medicine as well as lifestyle medicine counseling. Companies can offer our courses to their employees with the goal of empowering them to adopt healthy lifestyles and building a wellness environment. Communities can benefit from our courses by encouraging leaders to take our courses, and share their knowledge by providing opportunities that promote healthy lifestyle choices and wellness values.  Individuals can take the courses to educate and empower themselves to live well and be well at their best.

Academy Program

Our academy program provides multiple evidence-based courses, available in online format, in-person, and education consultation with respect to lifestyle medicine, coaching, and wellness. Our in-person academy program, will be conducted live in different countries, starting with Korea in June 2016.  For example, our workshops are well designed and organized with the goal of bringing the expertise, knowledge, skills, and experience of our professors directly to you.  In a workshop setting, the participants have the opportunity to interact with our leaders, many of whom are world renowned in their areas of expertise. The workshops allow for discussion as well as lectures.  Also, there are question and answer periods after each section in the workshop, and our experts are happy to answer any and all questions.  We hope to create a connection with our workshop participants that lasts longer than our workshops and perhaps even develops into opportunities for collaborations with our center. Also, our center provides education consulting services to those who are interested in developing/designing curriculum as well as certificate and degree programs in regard to the disciplines of lifestyle medicine, coaching, and wellness.

Clinical Practice Consulting Service

We also provide clinic process consulting services. Our center team includes health care professionals including clinicians who specialize in lifestyle medicine, preventive medicine, physical medicine, rehabilitation, wellness, and coaching in clinical settings. This team will help health care professionals who are interested in running lifestyle medicine, wellness clinics, or offering patient care services by helping them to incorporate  lifestyle medicine, coaching, and wellness, with evidence-based knowledge, competencies, resources, tools, experiences, and successes.

Wellness and Medical Coaching Program

We offer evidence-based, proven coaching programs that include: 1) wellness and medical coach training programs for healthcare professionals with certificate opportunity, and 2) coaching services for clients/patients. Our training facilitators and individual coaches are trained and certified at the top programs in the world. As for the coach training for the professionals, we offer the training programs in the partnership with the worldwide leading wellness and medical coaching school/institute. Also, as to the coaching services for the clients, we use 1:1 coaching as well as group coaching to help individuals, families, groups, companies, and communities reach their wellness and lifestyle goals. We use evidence based theories, effective protocols, compassionate communication, and our connection with the clients to co-create an eye-opening, doable, enduring, and exciting plan that will bring success and gratification.  Our dozen broad-based coaching programs offer people the opportunity to appreciate and rejoice a growth-promoting wellness journey that will bring fulfillment and improved quality of life.

Wellness Lifestyle Transforming Services

Our center also provides several evidence-based and proven wellness lifestyle transformation services that includes; a brain wellness program, epigenetics-based holistic lifestyle enhancement program, school fitness program, worksite wellness program, addiction recovery, etc. These services are provided by scientists, researchers, therapists, and certified and licensed experts.

Research Consulting

Our center leaders are involved in research that will help define the future path of lifestyle medicine, coaching, and wellness.  They will share their findings with our members and academy program participants. Also, our research team provides research consulting to those who need extra skills and supports for their research agenda and questions to be investigated and answered in their health care settings, projects, and programs.

Alliances & Partnerships

Our center also provides courses, programs, services, resources, and tools from our partners and alliances who support and align with our CWCS’s philosophy, vision, and mission. We as a team are committed to bringing in the best positive outcomes with respect to lifestyle medicine, coaching, and wellness to help both health professionals and non-health professionals to achieve their visions and goals, personally and professionally.

We are unique in our attention to detail with our proven, enriched, and powerful academy and service programs (crafting each  program that motivates, facilities, provides, supports, and transforms effectively) and our dedication to compassionate communication (treating all people with respect, honoring the wisdom already present in people, and appreciating the strengths that can propel people forward).

Combining our holistically-oriented scientific knowledge, artistic state, and intellectual performance with our sincere interest in humanity and human care allows us to be open and available to our members for their learning, growth, and wellness journey on individual/family, group, or community level.  To the end of wellness care and wellness solutions promotion, we adopt and focuses on holistic approach to lifestyle medicine, coaching, and wellness which are one of a kind in the world.  Experience our center’s way of teaching, coaching, consulting, serving, and living a life of balance and harmony as a whole being; and thereby, you may maximize your life, health, wellness, and performance potentials to the fullest.