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4.43/7.13 Billion
Asia/World Population
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Team Members


Dr. Jenny Seung-Hyun Lee
Founder and Director

Dr. David Woosuk Lee
USA-based Lifestyle Medicine Program Chief

Dr. James Wu
Asia-based Lifestyle Medicine Program Chief

Ms. Gloria Chu
Project Manager

Mr. Sun-Kyo Chung
Project Coordinator

Ms. Esther A.O. Galadima
Research Assistant

Board of Advisors

Arkadianos, Ioannis, M.D.
Vice President, ELMO

Benigas, Susan
Executive Director, ACLM

Bergquist, Sharon,
Assistant Professor, Emory Medical School

Braman, Mark, MD, MPH
CEO, Lifestyle Medicine Pro

Dysinger, Wayne, MD, MPH
CEO, Lifestyle Medicine Solutions

Edshteyn, Ingrid DO, MPH
CEO, Valia Lifestyle Medicine

Egger, Garry PhdD, MPH, AM
Vice President, ASLM (Australia)

Frank, Erica MD, MPH
Professor, University of British Columbia

Frates, Elizabeth MD
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Guthrie, George E, MD, MPH, CDE, CNS
Elect-President, ACLM

Kent, Kris MD, MPH
CEO, Kent Lifestyle Medicine Clinic

Lianov, Liana, MD, MPH
Former President, ACLM

Licciardone, John C. DO, MS, MBA, FACPM
Research Director, UNT Medical School

Malatskey, Lilach, MD, MHA
President, Israel Society of Lifetree Medicine

Moore, Margret, MBA
CEO, Wellcoaches School of Coaching

Papa, Frank DO, PhD
Associate Dean, UNT Medical School

Ratey, John J. MD
Professor, Harvard Medical School

Rippe, James M., MD
CEO, Rippe Lifestyle Institute

Sagner, Michael MD
Former President, ESLM

Ubaldi, Stephania MD, PhD
President, ELMO

Witkowski, Daniel J., MD
CEO, Wiwat Integrated Lifestyle Medicine

Wolever, Ruth Q. PhD
Associate Professor, Vanderbilt Medical School

Wu, James PhD MPH MSPH
President, ACLM (Asian)



Faculty, Coaches, and Practitioners

Education and Research Team

Clinical Practice Consulting Team

Wellness and Medical Coaching Team

Community-Oriented Wellness Practice Team

Partners & Sponsors