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School Wellness Program

School Children Program: ABC for Fit (Free Program)

The ABC for Fit program was created to help guide educators and health professionals by supporting them to bring the program to their schools to promote school children's health and wellness. The program provides the materials that include an ABC for Fitness teacher training PowerPoint, a teacher manual, promotional flyers, a "letter of introduction" from Dr. Katz to school administrators, guidelines for offering the program in schools, and published articles from Dr. Katz's research center on physical activity in the school setting. These materials have been developed based on Dr. Katz and his center team's experiences in the U.S. Those who adopt the ABC for Fit program for their schools and children are encouraged to adjust or customize as to how best to offer this program in schools, based on their experience with, and knowledge of the students and system(s) of schools. For more information, please visit This program does not charge a fee.

For Korea-Based School Wellness Program, our CLMWC (Center for Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Care) freely offers “ABC for Fit Program” in partnership with Dr. Katz (the founder and director of ABC for Fit Program. For any interest or inquiry,  please contact: