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We are the servant  leaders and seekers striving to spread
Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Care everywhere.


According to the World Health Organization, two thirds of the global population may die of chronic diseases; and one in two adults and one in four children in America suffer from at least one chronic disease. Studies confirm premature deaths due to chronic diseases are directly and indirectly associated with unhealthy lifestyles (e.g. stress, unhealthy eating, physical inactivity, smoking cigarette, heavy alcohol consumption, poor sleep, negative emotions, meaningless and purposeless attitude toward life). The Center of Disease Control and Prevention reported that eighty percent of chronic diseases are preventable through lifestyle changes. However, changing lifestyle and habits can be daunting for most individuals, families, groups, or communities.

To promote positive health and life outcomes, our Center for Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness Care (CLMWC) strives to facilitate, serve, and support those in need with resources, tools, processes, and information related to lifestyle medicine, coaching, and wellness transformation, whether they are health care providers or clients. Numerous medical sciences and studies support our strategies behind lifestyle medicine and coaching in the context of health promotion, disease prevention, therapeutic effects, and well-aging or even well-dying. For example, in the health care context, patients or clients who feel respected, understood, supported, or cared for by their health care providers through growth-promoting provider-client relationship is critical to generate desire or internal motivation of positive change in their lifestyles. Furthermore, it has been well documented through research and observation that a patient’s healthy lifestyle changes lead to positive health outcomes of ongoing disease process and wellness promotion. The more positive changes in lifestyle one creates or experiences, the better health and wellness outcomes one can achieve.

It is true that all human beings born to this planet are expected to maximize and cherish their best and fullest lives. The new science of epigenetics reveals that a way we live life and the environment we are exposed or engaged in determine who we are, what we do, how well we are, how long we live and thrive. Our CLMWC is committed to serve our fellow human beings, to be and live well spiritually, mentally, intellectually, physically, socially, occupationally, and environmentally. Our CLMWC team members promise to walk with you as a partner, collaborator, supporter, facilitator, mentor, friend, or connected bond to help you move forward to your preferred self or life. Our goal is to help you discover what you need and want, make you aware of what you already have and what you need to attain in terms of strengths, skills, and resources, and guide you towards your desired goals whether you are responsible for helping in others’ wellness or your own personal wellness.


To combine the wisdom of Western and Eastern cultures and have a positive impact on the health and wellness for all people living on this planet by providing unique, proven, and carefully crafted opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive. We encourage the process of partnering with other like-minded individuals.  We are starting a wellness care movement. Our goal is to create a culture of wellness that spreads across the globe.


To provide a model of wellness care: a whole person approach to lifestyle transformation, positive health outcomes, and wellness promotion, by empowering people with evidence-based and science-proven courses, trainings, tools, and resources related to lifestyle medicine, coaching, and wellness, based on the wisely elaborating Western and Eastern cultures, to adopt and sustain healthful lifestyles and reach optimal state of well-being.