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Membership Categories, Benefits, & Fees

Lifestyle Membership



Lifestyle Memberships are available on a yearly basis, connecting you with the core work of the Center for Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Care. You will have access to all academics & services, the resources and tools, and blogs where you can delve deeply into the information and learn about the various areas of lifestyle medicine, wellness and medical coaching, and holistic wellness promotion informed by scientific research, ancient traditions, and healthy communities in the world. You will receive the newsletter and research updat and will be also eligible for special member pricing (or a minimum of 10% discount) for all academics & services (e.g. ACLM CME online courses, LM clinical consulting service, wellness and medical coach programs,  weight management, the Annual Conference, and in-person programs).

Membership Categories, Benefits & Fees

Founding Membership ($3,000)


Founding Memberships are available in the inaugural year of the Center for Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Care (CLMWC). We invite individuals, companies, foundations, and hospitals to be a part of our distinct, innovative approach to living well. Your commitment as a Founding Member will be recognized in perpetuity.

As Founders, you will receive special recognition, on our Founder’s Wall, in printed materials and in our live events, including our Annual Conference. Since you represent the highest level of commitment to the values and goals of the CLMWC, you will always have the best seats and all-access passes to our programs. You will also have the opportunity to meet and greet world-renowned experts in health, wellness and lifestyle medicine, engaging conversation with those at the cutting edge of these groundbreaking areas of medicine. You will have the first look at printed and online materials, including the newsletter and research update, and you will enjoy Founders-only special pricing on select events, services, and products.

Membership Categories, Benefits & Fees

Gift Membership

A Gift Membership includes both Lifestyle and Founding Memberships. Give a gift of Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness. Purchase a membership for a family member, friend, or colleague and give them the gift of all that our Center has to offer.

Give the gift that shows you really care.

Membership Categories, Benefits & Fees

Renew Your Membership

Renewing your membership to the Center for Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness Care online is easy.

By keeping your membership current, you not only support the work of the Center, but an active membership means you continue to have access to the latest research in Lifestyle Medicine, innovate educational opportunities, professional development, personal enrichment and a community of like-minded individuals.

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