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Family & Home Wellness Program

Healthy Family Formula
Carla Atherton, Director

Description of the Healthy Family Formula

The HFF is a revolution in family health that offers support, education, and empowerment. Families learn how to get and stay well using a functional, integrative, holistic, systems approach to health informed by scientific research, ancient traditions, and healthy communities, and by addressing all aspects of family health: the mind, body, and spirit, and on the social, global, and environmental levels. This is what we call lifestyle medicine.

Offer to Dr. Jenny Lee’s Center Community:
$5/month membership for as long as you hold membership. Cancel at any time.

Our services for paid members include:

#1. Access to the Healthy Family Formula Program and login for our Member’s Site.

#2. Massive community support by way of our facebook group and HFF events and challenges.

#3. Access to ALL Healthy Family Formula Library Materials. This is valued at $1000s of dollars, already, and is growing every day.

#4. Member Prices on all HFF Programs (half the cost as the non-paid member prices). This first ones up will be Optimizing the Health of Children with Chronic Illness; and Taking on Type 1 Diabetes (a program for the whole family).

#5. FREE admission to our Children’s Health Summits ($10 ticket for non-paying members - 7 days, 29 speakers, 1000s of dollars worth of free resources)

#6. FREE admission to our NEW Healthy Family Formula Wellness Fair! ($20 ticket for non-paying members. Details to be released in September, and everything - over $2000 worth of products, programs, and services for families -  will be FREE with admission!)

#7. Regular Q and A Sessions where you can ask whatever you like!

Categories we would fit under:
Coaching (my program would be considered group coaching), Holistic Wellness, and Lifestyle Medicine with a focus on family health. I have a LOAD of topics I can speak to and create materials for in addition to the materials I already offer through the membership.
I am interested in educating the public, and this year am working on a model to assist other healthcare professionals/practitioners to revolutionize family health in their own practices.