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Clinical Practice Consulting Service

We offer high quality evidence-based and experienced consulting on Lifestyle Medicine (LM) Clinic Models and Clinic Programs to Korean and Asian members of the Center. These consultation services are based on our own LM Clinical Models in the United States that have been developed for the promotion and advancement of Lifestyle Medicine.

These consulting services are offered at an exclusive discounted rate for the Center members. We look forward to partnering with you in developing your successful LM Clinical Practice Model, whether it is integrated into your current clinical service offering or a brand new clinical practice model.

Services Offered

Benefits of Services

Types of Programs

Consulting Programs

Valia Lifestyle Precision Wellness Practice Model

Topic: LM Clinical Practice Integration with Fitness Professionals and Nutritionists
Format: Online
Service: 2 Skype coaching meetings per month (60 minutes) along with unlimited email during the service.
Duration: 3 months
Languages: English

Availability: Available after November 2016

Physician: Ingrid Edshteyn, DO, MPH  --  Please learn about me here
Description of Service: Understand how to integrate fitness professionals and nutritionists into the LM clinical evaluation process flow. Identify the essential elements of a medical fitness evaluation for patients with chronic disease and musculoskeletal conditions.  Includes assessment templates for all three types of providers and follow-up evaluation forms. Includes a review of potential digital health technologies for personalized assessments.

  1. What it is:
    6 Sessions that will guide you through the process of an integrated workflow for a LM physician, fitness professional and nutritionist, delineating clinical and coaching responsibilities for each team member.
  2. Goal and Outcomes clients will attain:
    Ability to initiate own integrated clinical LM practice model that utilizes health professionals and incorporates leading health technologies.
  3. Method:
    6 GoToMeeting sessions in 3 months with accompanying handouts and template assessment forms.
Lifestyle Medicine Solutions
  1. Setting up a lifestyle medicine clinic

  2. Developing and performing group visits

  3. Developing systems for lifestyle medicine prescriptions

  4. Developing lifestyle medicine assessments

Method: Consulting via skype, or in person.



Lifestyle Medicine Pro

Lifestyle Medicine Pro ("LMPro") was developed to bridge the gap for providers and systems seeking to transition to better healthcare. The mission is to "bring lifestyle medicine to life" by supporting the business operations of high quality clinical lifestyle medicine services. LMPro accomplishes this by supporting the implantation of lifestyle medicine services in practices and systems, educating providers and administrators, providing a peer community, and supporting the development of Lifestyle Medicine as a whole. LMPro's team employs their expertise in Medical Practice Development as "Partners" with providers/practices/systems vs. a traditional service agency relationship.

LMPro provides bundled and customized services to enable and support financial viability and success of Lifestyle Medicine practices.


Scope of Services:

The scope of LMPro's services fall into the following primary forms of delivery:

  • Practice Revenue Support and Advisory Subscriptions: Optimizing and delivering sustainable revenue cycle improvements to LM practices, while simultaneously increasing patient, physician, and staff satisfaction. Educate Lifestyle Practitioners on methods to improve clinical documentation to fully and accurately document coding/billing. Improved physician documentation results in greater coding specificity, improved case mix index, and appropriate reimbursement for utilized resources.

    Including but not limited to best practices standards and templates, basic coding/billing resources and guidance, news/updates, LM practice advocacy and new systems development, etc.

  • Custom Practice Support and Development Services: Developing and Optimizing clinical performance, minimizing unnecessary variation, improving quality/ outcomes, leveraging technology and achieving successful sustainability and growth within Lifestyle Medicine practices.

    Including but not limited to practice start-­‐up, practice optimization/business certification, new program development, system integrations, etc.
  • Ongoing Operations/Practice Support Services: Performance Management and Analytics delivering solutions that enables LM Practices to manage and optimize their financial performance, operational efficiency, and client experience.
NutriLife: Weight Management and Well-Being Model

Topic: Weight Management, Obesity Treatment, Wellbeing
Format: Online
Languages: English
Availability: Available in 2017

Coach: Ioannis Arkadianos MD, please see more at

Dr. Arkadianos' model, for weight management and well-being offers to you (health professionals) the opportunity to approach and consult your patients upon such matters.

The method is an easy and practical way to deal with obesity problems based on Mediterranean Diet and parallel to improve your patients' health status. There is also flexibility for adjustment upon the nutrition and social habits of each country.

More details coming soon.

Method: See more at

True Lifestyle Medicine Clinic Format: Telephone, Skype, FaceTime, GoogleDuo, Email, Text
Duration: to be determined by provider and client
Languages: English
Availability: Fall 2016
  • Lifestyle Medicine
  • Health and Wellness Coaching
  • CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program)
  • Community Programs
  • Walk with a Doc
  • PlantPure Nation support
  • Educational Topic Presentations

  • Description of Service: Provide Clinicians with tools to develop their Lifestyle Medicine Clinical components.

  • Focus on Dietary , Activity, Psychosocial, and Community aspects of Whole-Person Health.
  • Chronic Disease management through Lifestyle Medicine - e.g. Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Obesity, Coronary Artery Disease, Sleep Apnea.
  • Assist clinicians interested in incorporating Lifestyle Medicine into clinical pratcice.
  • Assist clinicians interested in developing Community-Based Health promoting programs, such at Walk with a Doc, Whole-Food Plant-Based diet support systems, CHIP.
  • Provide Lifestyle Medicine topic-specific educational lectures in a web-based format.
  • website: Under development

    Culinary Medicine Clinic Consulting

    Format: Online/phone/onsite (Package will be offered to the client's need)
    Service: Both Clinically and Coaching oriented Culinary Medicine counseling service for clinicians and health coaches.
    Duration: 3 months
    Languages: English

    Availability: ongoing

    Description of Service: Counseling could be provided on various topics:

  • how to develop, launch, and maintain a Culinary Medicine program.
  • How to transform your practice to a Culinary Medicine practice using an onsite teaching kitchen or a remote teaching program
  • how to develop a Culinary Medicine medical education program to all levels of medical education (UME, GME, CME)

    Goal and Outcomes clients will attain: Ability to initiate own Culinary Medicine program/practice/medical education curriculum

  • Wellness in Clinical Practice


    Integrated Health and Wellness Coaching in Lifestyle Medicine Program


    CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) Model in Clinic Setting