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Worldwide Lifestyle Medicine Education, Clinical Process, & Practice


Reputational Coaching Training, High-Impact Coaching, & Proficient Coaches



Evidence-Based Holistic Wellness Promotion Services

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Exceptional Experiences in Motivation, Managing Change, & Caring Power

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Leadership/Ownership, Life Balance, & True Success


Worldwide High-Quality, Discounted Price, & Free Programs

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Variety of Instruction and Certificate Opportunities

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On-The-Go Learning, Know-How, & Show-How

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Popular Courses

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Events & Announcements

April 21-24

The 3rd Conference of Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine
April 21-24, 2019

April 25

The 1st International Board Exam of Lifestyle Medicine taken in Korea
April 25, 2019

ACLM/ACPM-based Lifestyle Medicine Core Competencies Program, 30 hour CME eLearning Course
More info

The Full Plate Weight Loss Program for Workforce
More Info


CME Lifestyle Medicine Competencies-Based Online Courses More Information

Non-CME Lifestyle Medicine Competencies-Based Online Courses More Information

WellCoaches Core Coach Training Program More Information

Medical Coach Training Program More Information

Chef Coach Training Program More Information

Free Programs

Non-CME Lifestyle Medicine Competencies-Based Online Courses More Information

GoodNEWS Holistic Wellness Lifestyle Education More Information

NextGenUniv Comprehensive Health Science & Wellness Education More Information

Faith-Based Organization Wellness Program More Information

School Wellness More Information

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Youth internet addiction linked to serious mental health issues, and much more

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How Background Music Influences Our Behavior at Work

A new study suggests that happy, rhythmic music increases cooperative behavior—and that may be good news for employers. Last summer, I took my niece shopping at an urban clothing store in New York City. While she shopped, I couldn’t help but notice the music blaring on the store’s speaker system—it left my ears ringing and […]

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